Welcome to my page, where I explore the Fruits and the Spirits! I am a very beginner taster, trying to find and remember the wines and beers I try and like. I am not the hoity-toity connoisseur, and I usually only buy the cheap stuff. If you have any suggestions that I should try, feel free to leave a comment!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Polka Dot Riesling

Mmm mmm! Either there are delicious fairies frolicing in my mouth, or I've had an extraordinarily long week. Either way, I give this wine a big thumbs-up. As a Reisling, it is definitely sweet, but not overpoweringly so. It has just enough spice hidden under the surface to balance the sweetness. It seems like there is a slight carbonation, which gives it a bit more of a 'wine cooler' feeling without the sugar coma. High on the fruity-floral scale, but I could see it appealing to a diverse group of wine-drinkers. My opinion is that this would be a good wine to serve to those dissidents who don't usually like wine.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wyndham - Shiraz

Whoa! Very strong. Bites my mouth. I didn't like this one very much at all. Coats my mouth, which is an uncomfortable feeling. 2

Boyfriend Review:
Smells like berries. Not bad...am I buzzed? Eh, I'll drink it. 3

Little Penguin - Shiraz

Very fruity and sweet. Would be a great desert wine, but I don't think I would be able to drink more than one glass. 4

Boyfriend Review:
Smells kinda fruity. Sweet, maybe too sugary. 3


Smelled really good, but didn't taste nearly as good as it smelled. Very strong fruit flavor, and very acidic. Bites me in the back of my tongue and throat. 3

Boyfriend Review:
Smells like wine. Acidic taste. Meh. 1

14 Hands Merlot

I really liked this wine! Tastes well aged, kind of like oak. Very smooth aftertaste. I would most definitely drink this one again. This wine was the winner of the wine tasting. A whole-hearted 5

Boyfriend Review:
Smells bold and kinda acidic. Tastes full-bodied and not acidic. 5

Indian Creek - Pinot Noir

This is the wine Brian brought back for me from his trip to Boise. Smells highly acidic, but fortunately it tastes much better than it smells. Good aftertaste, though more acidic than I prefer. Tastes a bit like cherry. 4

Boyfriend Review:
Smells acidic. Tastes acidic. Probably will get a bad hangover. 2

Clos La Coutale - 2008 Table Wine

Very clean and refreshing. Sweet and floral flavors. I really enjoyed this one. 5

Boyfriend Review:
Smells good. Very mellow and fruity. Lots of flavor. 5

Woop Woop - 2008 Shiraz

Tried this at a wine tasting awhile back, and I'm finally getting around to putting it on the blog. I thought it was rather fruity, tasting cherry and plum. Also had quite a bit of spice to it. Dry, but full bodied. Seemed like there was almost too much going on. 3 out of 5.

Boyfriend Review:
Smells kinda dry. Tastes mellow and foofooey. 3